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A Head for Candy Business

April 13, 1999

Question from April 6:

What real people or make-believe characters should be commemorated with Pez?

I would love to see a Monica Pez dispenser. But instead of Pez candy, cigars would pop out.

--IAN A. CARBONELL, Lakewood

The Monica Pez: Put a gobbet of pork fat in a beret and call it what you want to.

--DOROTHY REINHART, via Internet

Monica Lewinsky, complete with stained blue dress. Linda Tripp, accessorized with phone and tape recorder. Bill Gates, who intones, "I Will Rule the World" when opened.


The famed Taco Ball Chihuahua, of course.

--LINDA L. JEFFRIES, Los Angeles

Pez should commemorate Star Trek, with four different treks to choose from and a vast and gullible following. It would be a sure hit.


Gene Simmons of Kiss would make a great Pez dispenser. The Pez tablets have to be red, though, like his tongue.

--LENORE LEV, Duarte

Question for April 13:

The City of Los Angeles recently instated a telephone system to pay parking tickets (see story, this page). What other inconveniences should we be able to remedy with a phone call?

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