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2 Times Staffers Share Pulitzer for Beat Reporting

Honors: Stories on entertainment-industry corruption cited. Washington Post wins public-service award.


Their Sept. 27 "Sunday Report" on "hotel detoxes"--Westside luxury hotels used for drug "treatment"--disclosed that one reason powerful figures in the entertainment industry are unable to kick the drug habit is that they rely on untested therapies designed more to gratify their expensive tastes and desire for comfort than to subject them to the grueling regimen of legitimate treatment.

Philips' and Hiltzik's third project in their prize-winning entry exposed the reemergence of payola, illicit payments for radio airplay of new recordings. Payola was outlawed after a series of scandals in the 1960s, but they showed that it had returned under a new guise--radio conglomerates forcing performers to appear for free at promotional concerts in return for airplay.

Runners-Up Also Cited

In addition to announcing the winners, the Pulitzer office Monday announced two runners-up--finalists--in each category. Several newspapers that won Pulitzers also had finalists in other categories. The Washington Post had five runners-up--one each in beat reporting, feature writing, international reporting, criticism and editorial writing.

Lawrence C. Levy of Newsday on Long Island, another Times Mirror newspaper, was a finalist in editorial writing. Newsday's music critic, Justin Davidson, was a finalist in criticism for his "fresh and vivid writing on classical music and its makers." And Daniel A. Anderson of the Orange County Register was a finalist in feature photography.

Each Pulitzer, except the one for public service, carries with it a $5,000 cash award. The awards will be presented May 24 in New York.


The Pulitzer Prize-winning stories by staff writers Chuck Philips and Michael Hiltzik are available on The Times' Web site:

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