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For Limited Time Only

April 14, 1999|BOOTH MOORE

Ever feel like life is slipping away? For confirmation visit the Death Clock at Enter your birth date and sex to find out what day you will die and the number of seconds you have left to live.

But before you dive into a pit of despair, consider this: The Death Clock calculates how many seconds you have left using a formula, which by no means is foolproof. It begins by figuring out how old you are in seconds, and subtracts that number from an average life span (one for men, another for women).

The site has been criticized by some users for being unscientific, or just plain wrong. The Death Clock site posts e-mails from unsatisfied customers at a Dead Letter Office.

"I entered my mom's birth date, and it said she was already dead. She's alive and well," one posting reads.

But Death Clock doesn't seem to care.

"The site is not supposed to be scientific. It's supposed to be fun," Death Clock claims.

The site also offers a way to e-mail a personal Death Clock to a friend. The recipient will be linked back to the Web site, which will then display his or her personal Death Clock. You can also include a personal message (of encouragement, no doubt).

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