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April 18, 1999

1. Washington traded its first-round choice (No. 5) to New Orleans for the Saints' first- (No. 12), third- (No. 71), fourth- (No. 107), fifth- (No. 144), sixth- (No. 179), seventh-round (No. 218) choices and the Saints' 2000 first- and third-round choices. New Orleans selected Ricky Williams, rb, Texas. Washington traded the first- (No. 12) and third-round (No. 71) choices to Chicago.

* 2. Chicago traded its first-round choice (No. 7) to Washington for the Redskins' first- (No. 12), third- (No. 71), fourth- (No. 106), fifth-round (No. 143) choices and the Redskins' 2000 third-round choice. Washington selected Champ Bailey, db, Georgia. Chicago selected Cade McNown, qb, UCLA, and D'Wayne Bates, wr, Northwestern; (No. 106); and (No. 143).

* 3. Seattle traded its first-round choice (No. 17) to New England for the Patriots first- (No. 20), third- (No. 82), and sixth-round (No. 191) choices. New England selected Damien Woody, c, Boston College. Seattle traded the first-round (No. 20) choice to Dallas.

* 4. Seattle traded its first-round choice (No. 20) to Dallas for the Cowboys' first- (No. 22) and fifth-round (No. 140) choices. Dallas selected Ebenezer Ekuban, de, North Carolina. Seattle selected Lamar King, de, Saginaw Valley State and (No. 140).

* 5. Miami traded its first-round choice (No. 24) to San Francisco for the 49ers' first- (No. 27) and fifth-round (No. 134) choice. San Francisco selected Reggie McGrew, dt, Florida. Miami traded the first-round (No. 27) choice to Detroit and selects (No. 134).

* 6. Miami traded its first-round choice (No. 27) to Detroit for the Lions' second- (No. 39), third- (No. 70) and fifth-round (No. 142) choices. Detroit selected Aaron Gibson, ot, Wisconsin. Miami selected James Johnson, rb, Mississippi State; (No. 70).

* 7. Chicago traded its second-round choice (No. 37) to Washington for the Redskins' second- (No. 40) and fifth-round (No. 144) choices. Washington selected Jon Jansen, ot, Michigan. Chicago traded the second-round (No. 40) choice to Oakland.

* 8. Chicago traded its second- (No. 40) and fourth-round (No. 102) choices to Oakland for the Raiders' second- (No. 48), third- (No. 78) and fourth-round (No. 111) choices. Oakland selected Tony Bryant, de, Florida State and (No. 102). Chicago selected Russell Davis, dt, North Carolina.

* 9. Baltimore traded its second-round (No. 40) choice to Atlanta for the Falcons' 2000 first-round choice. Atlanta selected Reginald Kelly, te, Mississippi State.

* 10. Baltimore traded QB Eric Zeier to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers' sixth-round (No. 185) choice.

* 11. St. Louis traded QB Tony Banks to Baltimore for the Colts' fifth-round (No. 145) choice and 2000 seventh-round choice.

* 12. Kansas City traded its second-round (No. 43) choice to Miami for the Dolphins' second- (No. 54), third-round (No. 84) choices and the Dolphins' 2000 sixth-round choice. Miami selected Rob Konrad, rb, Syracuse. Kansas City selected Mike Cloud, rb, Boston College.

* 13. Pittsburgh traded its second-round (No. 44) choice to Minnesota for the Vikings' second- (No. 59), third- (No. 73) and fifth-round (No. 163) choices. Minnesota selected Jim Kleinsasser, te, North Dakota. Pittsburgh selected Scott Shields, db, Weber State.

* 14. Tennessee traded its second-round (No. 46) choice to New England for the Patriots' second- (No. 52) and fourth-round (No. 117) choices. New England selected Kevin Faulk, rb, LSU. Tennessee selected John Thornton, dt, West Virginia and (No. 117).

* 15. Miami traded its third-round (No. 70) choice to Detroit for the Lions' third- (No. 72) and seventh-round (No. 232) choice. Detroit selected Jared DeVries, de, Iowa. Miami selected Grey Ruegamer, c, Arizona State.

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