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Volunteers Begin to Beautify 3 Ojai Sites With Plantings

April 19, 1999|PAULA PISANI

OJAI — In a philanthropic gesture, volunteers with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy and the Concerned Resource Environmental Workers have started planting and mulching on three sites in the Arbolada area.

Twenty-two families are contributing financial or physical support to the project, which will extend into the summer.

When the project is completed, the sites will include ceanothus, a native shrub that produces blue flowers, and arctostaphylos uva-ursi, a low-growing plant with dark green leaves, white or pinkish flowers and berries.

Last week, the City Council authorized the Land Conservancy to beautify the sites.

"The Land Conservancy is interested in open-space sites within the city," said President John Broesamle. "Several years ago we developed a conservation plan for the Valley, which included in-city sites."

Officials of the city are happy to have the help.

"The city is often looking for opportunities to work with our many community organizations and nurture those relationships by mutually beneficial projects," said Dan Singer, director of general services.

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