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Crisis in Yugoslavia

War Wrap-Up

April 19, 1999

A roundup of events as NATO airstrikes continue in Yugoslavia:

* Yugoslavia: U.S. and allies consider oil blockade on regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

* Kosovo: NATO says it has graphic evidence of 43 new mass grave sites.

* Albania: Five members of a Kosovo family are killed when car hits land mine.

* Brussels: NATO says pilot on tape may not be same one who attacked convoy.

Fact: Sorties flown in 24-hour period ending Sunday afternoon: 500

Sheet: Number of refugees evacuated from Macedonia to Iceland: 23

What's Ahead

* Albania: NATO shipment of Apache helicopters from Italy to Albania is delayed by storms until at least Tuesday.

Flight Forecast

Showers in Belgrade today; partly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday.

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