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Jet Crash May Symbolize Failure in Life


Dear Cynthia: I have this dream about every other month. I'm watching a plane crash. The plane, which falls from a cloudy sky, is usually a passenger jet, but sometimes it's military. I am never in the plane while it's crashing; I only watch it from the ground. Sometimes I see the crash, other times it crashes behind a hill, and I only see the glow of the ensuing inferno. I've had this dream for at least 15 years. (I'm 37).

JIM, via Internet

Dear Reader: In your dream, you witness the crashing and burning of something that had been flying high. Civilian or government, it is going down and nothing can stop it. Using your own frame of reference, where in your life would this apply? If you are a stockbroker, it could apply to the market and falling stock values. If you are a marriage counselor, it could apply to failing relationships.

The good news is that you are just an observer! Still, the dreams may be warning you of something that is about to fail so that you can take a preemptive approach and make the necessary changes to prevent it.


Dear Cynthia: I've been with my husband for 21 years (married for 14 years), and whenever he is in my dreams (which is seldom) he has no face. It's just a beige-tinged blur. Everything else is him: hair, build, even attire. We joke about this, but I'm curious if there is something more to it. I have had only one dream where his face was vivid to me--and that was when we were about to separate!

GINA, Norwalk

Dear Reader: Your husband may represent an archetype of masculinity to you. Therefore, he will come into your dreams representing male characteristics, such as strength, protection, providing for the family or whatever you associate with masculinity. So, in the dreams in which you could not see his face, he was the generic male. When his facial features were clear to you, the dream was definitely referring to your specific relationship issues.

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