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Making Scents of Spring

April 23, 1999

With spring, stores become fragrant with a host of new scents, but how to decide which to buy? We took some of the hottest scents to the street at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, asking both male and female noses to put them to the test.

Lancome AromaTonic Body Fragrance

Marco: "It's very daytime summer."

Chris: "Aromatherapy-like. It reminds me of a product Aveda would make."

Tira: "It smells like limes. I'm not a citrus person. It's very sporty, good for daytime."

Anna Sui Eau de Toilette

Marco: "This smells like the night. The bottle is very 'Interview With the Vampire.' It's subtle but alluring at the same time."

Chris: "I like it."

Tira: "This one has some musk in it. It would be good for cocktail hour. I really like the bottle."

Angel Innocent by Thierry Mugler Eau de Parfum

Marco: "Smells like candy, good enough to eat."

Chris: "There's an appeal. It's very flavorful."

Tira: "This is my scent! It smells bubbly, happy, youthful and fresh. I'm going to write this one down because I've been looking for a new fragrance."

Bobbi Brown Fragrance Stick

Chris: "It's kind of got a cool texture. You could put it on very specific places. But the smell isn't too good."

Marco: "It's very sweet."

Tira: "This smells like soap. It also feels kind of sticky."

Emporio Armani For Her

Marco: "I feel like I'm being chloroformed!"

Chris: "Ick."

Tira: "I'm liking this one! This smells good. It would be a nice fragrance for day and night."

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