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Like Lube Oil for the Hands

April 23, 1999|BARBARA THOMAS

Its motto is: "For hands that do more than wave."

Its logo depicts founder Alex Volkmann in a skirt, sweater and heels changing a tire on a '58 Cadillac.

And you can buy it at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Heavy Duty hand lotion--$15 for a 3.5-ounce bottle--is the brainchild of Volkmann, former Murad Skin Care executive and Fred Segal makeup artist, and her husband, Fletcher. "I feel like body parts are analogous to car parts. . . . You wash them, buff and wax and shine them. And yes," says Volkmann, "I really do know how to change a tire."

The Carmel couple were determined to make skin-care products that appeal to men and women and that are as functional as they are effective. The 1-year-old lotion is such a success that they are about to launch a full line of body-care products.

The lotion is also available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Fred Segal, RK Shugart in Westlake Village, Planet Blue in Malibu, Sephora in Costa Mesa and also at the company's Web site,

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