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Leaders of the Pack

April 25, 1999|Lindsey Liberatore

Forget the backpacks that hold your gear but strain your shoulders, or the fluorescent nylon fanny packs that hold little gear--and do even less for your ensemble. With this season's new crop of ergonomic carry-alls, called utility packs, body-hugging travel wear has gone designer--and we mean way designer--chic.



Product: Canvas waist pack, $630 at Prada, Costa Mesa.

Construction: Brown and white canvas with leather waist strap that attaches with Velcro; two exterior Velcro pockets, one interior zippered pocket.

Tourist Profile: Supermodel strolling the Champs-lysees.

Pack Fact: With designer logo, expect attention directed toward your derriere.


Bottega Veneta

Product: Holster bag, $600 at Bottega Veneta, Beverly Hills.

Construction: 100% deerskin leather (also available in white and black); snap-lock waist belt, front Velcro expandable pocket.

Tourist Profile: Well-to-do hippy chick cruising the beach on St. Bart's.

Pack Fact: Holster configuration means pickpockets wouldn't dare.


Miu Miu

Product: Shoulder pack, $290 at Miu Miu, Los Angeles.

Construction: Lycra; pocket on strap, pouch on waist.

Tourist Profile: Think Giorgio Armani meets GI Jane at a national park.

Pack Fact: Hard-core, mega-durable Vel-cro attachment could probably withstand a bungee jump.


Custard Shop

Product: Single-strap backpack, $90 at Fred Segal Baggage, Melrose Avenue.

Construction: Water-resistant nylon in seven colors; adjustable Velcro one-shoulder strap with detachable cell phone case.

Tourist Profile: Gen-Xer trying to look down with it in Tokyo.

Pack Fact: Customs agents might overlook the hidden back compartment.



Product: Waist pack, $245 at Blooming-dale's, Century City.

Construction: Water-resistant Lycra-spandex, waist strap with seat-belt attachment; main pocket plus interior zippered pocket.

Tourist Profile: Executive on combo business/vacation who needs deep room for DayPlanner, maps, Evian, pink slips.

Pack Fact: Belt strap can hold up pants.


Styled by Bettina Oshiro; makeup: Jennifer Darany; model: Cassandra; clothes: Banana Republic; location: Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills

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