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Show Time for Back-Seat Drivers

April 25, 1999|BOOTH MOORE

So you've already got the coveted Mercedes SUV. What's left to buy in the world of luxury automobiles?

A music and video console for the back seat, perhaps. In-vehicle entertainment centers from Audiovox have a television and videocassette player and are available in two styles: a center console that goes between the front seats (about $900, plus installation), and a ceiling-mounted, 6-inch monitor that folds down (about $1,200, plus installation).

The second model allows sound to be played through the vehicle's stereo system.

The entertainment centers can accommodate video games and movies and come with a camcorder access jack, so you can record and watch your road trip at the same time.

Maybe now you can afford to keep the peace in the back seat during family outings.

More good news: Both models come with headphone jacks.


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