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Voila! Speaking the Universal Language

April 25, 1999|BOOTH MOORE

Mon Dieu! You say your lover speaks only French? Quelle tristesse.

Well, it doesn't have to spell doom for your transcontinental romance. Now you can send love notes en francais (or in many other languages) over the Internet with the help of http://babelfish.alta, a translation Web site.

Simply type in a phrase, such as, "My love, you are the only one for me," and in seconds the site translates it into French: "Mon amour, vous e^tes le seul pour moi." It also works the other way around, so someone special can e-mail words d'amour back to you. The Web site translates into German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and from those languages into English.

You can also use a phrase that you've translated to search the Web. For example, type in "French perfumes" to get the French translation, "parfums francaises." Using the site's search engine you'll find French language Web sites about perfumes.

And, for its last trick, Babelfish can then translate the French Web site about perfumes back into English.

Oooh, la la!

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