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Something New for Drips, Blowhards and Wipeouts

April 25, 1999|BEVERLY BEYETTE

There's not a ho-hum white in a pocket pack of Sniff, German-made tissues for the upscale market. They won't make the sniffles go away, but if laughter is the best medicine, Sniff's whimsical designs are good for a smile.

"Some of our best sellers are rubber duckies," yellow on a blue or white background, says Carol Florsheim, president of Paper Products Design in Novato, Calif. "And we have a darling white with red lips. Sort of in the retro mode, we have a smiley face. We have an all-over leopard pattern. We have pigs, cows, carrots, a cat."

She adds, "Here's a good L.A. one, a sun with shades on, sitting in a lounge chair." There are also Christmas Sniffs, Halloween Sniffs and Valentine Sniffs.

Not to be found at your local discount drugstore, Sniffs are an up-market party or gift store item and retail for $1-$15 for 10 tissues. "Fun for any age," says Florsheim, whose motto is: "Sneeze in style."


Sniff tissues are available at Party On! La Cienega.

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