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Crisis in Yugoslavia

War Wrap-Up

April 25, 1999

A roundup of events as NATO airstrikes continue in Yugoslavia:

* Washington: NATO endorses use of force to protect human rights in Europe.

* Yugoslavia: Unabated bombing runs cause heavy damage near Belgrade.

* Podgorica: Yugoslav military court jails two foreign journalists in Montenegro.

* Belgrade: Red Cross chief plans to appeal for access to captured U.S. soldiers.

Fact Sheet: Lufthansa's estimate of daily losses in delays due to NATO's Frankfurt flights, according to German magazine: $5.5 million

* Italy: Police used tear gas against demonstrators Saturday outside a NATO base in Naples. Protesters release clouds of smoke in front of the U.S. Consulate in Milan, above.

Flight Forecast

Showers expected today in Belgrade. Partly cloudy Monday and Tuesday.

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