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Roles for Minorities

April 26, 1999

Thank you, Gene Pompa, for your eye-opening Counterpunch on how there are more cartoons premiering than any sitcoms displaying a minority lead actor ("TV Networks Are Out of 'Toon With the Times," April 12). Being Filipino, I belong to one of the many minority groups that are seldom represented on the television screen.

Some cartoons provide great entertainment, but why can't a show with minorities provide the same amusement? Hopefully in the television schedule for the millennium there will be more color on screen, and I don't mean cartoon-wise.



The real problem with Mr. Pompa's diatribe is that while Latinos and Asians make up 15% of the U.S. population, that 15% is not evenly dispersed across the country. California and Texas are rapidly approaching a point where Latinos will become the ethnic majority in those states, but Des Moines, Iowa; Butte, Mont.; Blue Hill, Maine; Hyde Park, Vt.; and other places across the country have a long, long way to go to even approach 15%.

How many Anglos would understand the joke that Mama starts the menudo on Friday night to "cure" the hangovers of Sunday morning?

It's about money and always has been. If it doesn't play in Peoria, it's outta here.


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