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PROFILE: Dale Messick and her "Brenda Starr, Reporter"
cartoon strip

Starr Power : Voices

April 26, 1999

"I read Brenda Starr because she was independent, glamorous, sort of pre-Barbie with that red hair."

--Sharon Schell, clothing

designer, West Hollywood

"I loved her independence and that she was beautiful. . . . But it was the Mystery Man--every woman fantasizes about having a mystery man--and hers had a patch over his eye. What more could a woman want?"

--Barbara Bloomberg,

founder of Mothers Against

Drunk Driving, L.A. chapter

"[She] signaled that writing was open to me--one of the few professions that was other than the caring professions.

--Suzanne Blum, film and

video distributor, Brentwood

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