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In Your Dreams

Facing a Problem Often Conquers It


Dear Cynthia: This dream foreshadowed a change in my life. I was running and had been for a very long time from very bad people who wanted to harm me. Every direction I turned and everywhere I went, they were there. My bones ached miserably and my whole body was wracked with fatigue. I could no longer run, so I stopped and surrendered. I looked into the eyes of my captors, who all had guns pointed at me. I said to them, "Take me." To my surprise, they didn't.



Dear Reader: It is not surprising that this dream came before a life change. Whether the evil chasing you was an aspect of self that you were avoiding or an outside influence, when you faced it and surrendered to it, it was made impotent. Your dream could represent facing the shadow aspect of self, which we all need to acknowledge and integrate. If it refers to an outside issue such as prejudice, again it can be tamed only by facing it head on and looking at it directly. The pain and fatigue you experienced symbolize the emotional toll that running from the issue took on you. Congratulations! You are obviously doing good work.


Dear Cynthia: I have had this recurring dream over many years. I am in a large public place (a concert hall, a theater, etc.). I realize that from where I am seated, I have absolutely no view of the event that is taking place. I feel shocked. I look around for a solution but find none.


Los Angeles

Dear Reader: Your dream may indicate a fear that you will miss out on truly seeing the big event. So close and yet so far away, you are in the right place but are missing what you came to see. Because the dream always takes place in public, it could refer to your social life. If you are single and interested in meeting your soul mate, it could reflect a fear that you will not see or recognize the person. Perhaps your dream is suggesting that you change your perspective. Don't necessarily accept the assigned seat!

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