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Crisis in Yugoslavia

War Wrap-Up

April 28, 1999

A roundup of events as NATO airstrikes continue in Yugoslavia:

* Washington: Pentagon summons 2,116 reservists as mass call-up begins.

* Moscow: Russian, U.S. officials inch closer to a common approach for solution.

* Macedonia: Crisis at camps escalates as 4,000 more refugees arrive.

* Belgrade: Red Cross says three U.S. soldiers are "in satisfactory condition."

Fact Sheet: Estimate of Yugoslav forces in Kosovo: at least 40,000

Number of staff in Army's lone MASH unit, now in Albania: 69

Quote of the Day

'It is a perilous journey. If God be with us, we'll succeed.'

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, on Yugoslavia trip aimed at gaining release of U.S. soldiers

Flight Forecast

Partly cloudy in Belgrade through Friday.

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