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Cool House With an Even Cooler Playhouse

April 28, 1999|Christine Castro

Selling points: Brick patio and a playhouse

in the backyard

Location: Santa Ana

Asking price: $130,000

Status: Sold

* It wasn't luck that sold Javier and Imelda Sanchez's townhouse just five days after it was put on the market. The house sold itself.

The 1,100-square-foot, three-bedroom, 1 1/2-bath house is a real jewel, Javier Sanchez says. It has a charming brick patio and garden, is clean and has a reliable alarm system. And there is built-in air-conditioning, Sanchez's favorite feature. "It was really nice to sleep in a cool house," he says.

But what captured the hearts of his daughters, Priscilla and Stacee--and the hearts of the family that is ready to move in--is the playhouse in the backyard.

Every day after school, the girls crawled through the miniature door and did their homework on a folding table and old PC. "The new owner loved the dollhouse and asked for it to be left there," Sanchez says.

The townhouse is near John Wayne Airport, close to several parks and schools and South Coast Plaza.

It's no wonder it was a quick sell, Sanchez says. "I think what attracted me to the house four years ago is what attracted the new owners."

Information: (714) 564-9088

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