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Abundance of Inner Space for Linens and Things

April 28, 1999|Christine Castro

Selling points: Storage space and closets at every turn

Location: Buena Park

Asking price: $179,000

Status: In escrow


She was only 19 years old, but newlywed Barbara Dodson knew exactly what she wanted in her first house. She and husband Gene had been looking for several months until they saw their dream home. It wasn't that the house had a massive backyard or swimming pool. It was the closet space--tons of it--that was so attractive.

Barbara fell in love with the long hallway lined with linen closets. She was enamored of the mirrored closets in the bedrooms. And she just had to have the storage space under the stairs.

But the couple couldn't afford that house.

Instead, they bought the cheapest property they could find and built one just like it.

Now, they're selling their home of nearly 33 years and hope someone else will enjoy it as much as they have.

The 1,700-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is the newest and largest in the neighborhood. Over the years, Barbara and Gene have added several "personal touches," such as oak chair railings and simulated stained glass--all done before Home Depot existed.

"It's beautiful," Barbara says. "Nobody who's ever come here has not liked it."

Information: (714) 897-4114.

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