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Friendliness Comes With the House

April 28, 1999|Lesley Wright

Selling points: Block parties and room to entertain

Location: Irvine

Asking price: $749,000

Status: For sale


The people who buy Don Rousso's stucco-and-shingle house in Woodbridge Village can probably look forward to having whipped cream squirted on their faces at some point. It's just that kind of place.

"It's pretty simple," Rousso says of his home's prime asset. "The most distinguishing thing about the house is the neighborhood. It's very friendly. All the kids playing in the street. It's a real cohesive group."

One of the community's biggest events is a Fourth of July block party. That's where the whipped cream comes in. Someone gets cream in the face so the kids can wash it off with squirt guns. Fortunately, the position is voluntary.

The two-story house, which sprawls into an open-living scheme over about 3,200 square feet, does have other, more traditional features.

Along with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, hardwood floors and a swimming pool, the house has a huge family room. Rousso even had hand-painted tiles put into the large, eat-in kitchen.

But however swank the house looks, Rousso still points prospective buyers to the old-fashioned community spilling into the street. "It's a lovely neighborhood," he says.

Information: (949) 559-2888

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