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Slip Over a New Look With New Slipcovers


It seems the slipcover mania that hit us hard about six years ago is not going away. And why should it? A new set of slipcovers is a wonderful way to perk up a room and a lot cheaper than reupholstering.

The variance in slipcover prices is wide. One chic home-furnishings spot in Santa Monica charges $650 just for the labor on a standard sofa. If you're looking to get top workmanship and save money, check out an operation that has done slipcovers only for almost 40 years: Best Slipcover Co., whose client list includes major hotels and high-end designers.

Best carries a wide selection of fabrics divided into four price categories, A being the least costly and D the most. Slipcovers using an A fabric for a standard-size sofa with seat cushions run $365. With four back cushions, figure $485. Using the costliest fabrics, it's $510 without back cushions and $650 with. That's the same as the pricey Santa Monica store charges before figuring in the fabric.

There's hardly anything Best doesn't tackle--throw pillows, ottomans, chairs, chaises, tablecloths, spreads and duvets. A queen-size duvet with a C fabric runs $300.

For slipcovers that are going to be machine washed, Best recommends "overlocking," or additional stitching on the seams, which adds $45 to the price of a sofa with attached back pillows.

Keep in mind when you select your fabric that stripes will increase the labor cost by 10%, and you'll need 10% more fabric. With plaids, you can add 20% to both the labor cost and the amount of fabric.

Owner Stuart Dones suggests cottons and cotton blends for the best results and advises against chintz, loose weaves or rubber-backed fabrics.

Once you have chosen your fabric at the showroom, a craftsman will come to your home, custom pin-fit and cut your slipcover pattern right on your furniture, which remains in your home. Plan on a two- to three-week delivery.

Best Slipcover Co., 14627 Bessemer St., Van Nuys. (818) 780-4569).

Weekend Supersales: Buyers can realize hefty savings on already well-priced home furnishings at Pop's Unfinished Furniture in Northridge, A hutch buffet originally tagged at $698 is now $447, or 36% off. An oak curio cabinet that was $498 is now $298. Figure an average of 40% off many selected items. The sale starts today and continues through Sunday.

Pop's Unfinished Furniture, 8911 Reseda Blvd., Northridge. (818) 717-0707.

The Mikasa Semiannual Warehouse Sale starts Saturday, when the cost of china is dramatically reduced from regular outlet prices. A 20-piece set of Garden Harvest, the company's most popular pattern, retails for $250, sells in the outlet for $139.99 and will be $89.99 for the sale. A 20-piece set of Antique Lace will be $159.99, down from the $259.99 outlet price. The sale continues until May 9.

Mikasa Semiannual Warehouse Sale, 20633 S. Fordyce Ave., Long Beach. 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m. (310) 537-2060.

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