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Crisis in Yugoslavia

War Wrap-Up

April 30, 1999

A roundup of events as NATO airstrikes continue in Yugoslavia:

* Bulgaria: NATO warplane inadvertently fires missile into suburb of capital, Sofia.

* The Hague: Belgrade accuses 10 NATO states of violating international law.

* Washington: Defense secretary orders 10 more B-52 bombers to Balkans.

* Belgrade: Jesse Jackson arrives on mission to win freedom for three POWs.

Fact Sheet: Roughly how many Kosovos would fit in California: 37

Roughly how many would fit in Los Angeles County: 1

* Washington: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Henry H. Shelton, with Defense Secretary William S. Cohen, right, said he'll visit American and allied forces near Yugoslavia beginning today.

Flight Forecast

Partly cloudy over Belgrade today and Saturday.

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