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August 15, 1999

In the Running: In a big shake-up for the Al Gore campaign, his longtime chief of staff quit. "This was the biggest setback for the Gore campaign since, well, Al Gore." (Jay Leno)

Back to the Campaign Trail: Elizabeth Dole is campaigning for the Republican nomination. "You heard her slogan? 'Dole 2000.' So it looks like Bob's age is going to be an issue in this one too." (Leno)

Let the Games Begin: "Monday Night Football" returned to television with the Browns versus the Cowboys. "Or, as the Cowboys players call it, work furlough." (Mark Wheeler)

In Memoriam: A 99-year-old Florida woman who loved games recently left her will encrypted in a crossword puzzle. "Hmmm, what's a three-letter word for 'eccentric' that begins with an 'N'?" (Rudolph J. Cecera)

In Memoriam II: The world's oldest goldfish has died at the age of 43. "The goldfish had credited its long life to clean living and plenty of water." (Daily Scoop)


Chris Pina's Essential Daily List

Rejected ideas for cereals:

* Cocoa Chanel Crispies

* Captain Grunge

* Mice Crispies

* Total Cereal, Dude!

* Honey Mustard Kix

* Wild Wild Oats

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