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The Ice-Rink Resurfacing Man Cometh

August 17, 1999|CHRIS RUBIN

Andrew Todisco, inventory superintendent at Pasadena Ice Skating Center, operates the Olympia ice resurfacing machine (like the Zamboni, but a different brand) on Fridays.

Question: Do you need any special training to run the Olympia?

Answer: You just have to be able to drive. It's like any other motor vehicle. And I have a perfect driving record--no tickets, no accidents.

Q: What car can you compare it to?

A: The Olympia is built on a Chevy light-truck frame. It runs on propane, a cleaner fuel. There's only one seat, so no passengers. No radio, no luxury stuff. Just a cheap vinyl seat, all beat up.

Q: How does it work?

A: There's a 7-foot-long blade underneath, and it shaves off the top layer of ice from the rink, laying down water in its place to make a new top layer.

Q: Does the Olympia go very fast?

A: No, not really, probably not more than 20 miles per hour.

Q: Have you ever gone into a skid?

A: It's four-wheel drive, but sure, you can make it slide around.

Q: Can you do doughnuts on the ice?

A: Absolutely, that's the fun part.

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