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Cameras at Intersections

February 10, 1999

Re "Cameras at Intersections Erode Right to Privacy," Ventura County Perspective, Jan. 31.

Apparently Kent Williams has never been in an accident caused by someone running a red light. About a year ago, a person ran a red light and severely damaged the front of my automobile. Fortunately, no one was injured. A little mathematics shows that if the accident had occurred 0.4 seconds later, my car would have been hit in the passenger door. A broadside collision would certainly have resulted in severe injuries, even death.

Anything that can be done should be done to deter people from running red lights. If it takes cameras at every intersection, then let's have cameras.

Mr. Williams states that the use of cameras would result in the loss of privacy. If no one runs a stoplight, no picture will be taken--thus there will be no loss of anyone's right to privacy. I want the right to drive through an intersection without being in an accident. Also, while my car was being repaired, I lost my right to use my vehicle.

In addition to reducing the number of scofflaws who run stoplights, the cameras bring in needed revenue to the cities. Let the red-light runners lose their right to privacy and also make them pay a significant amount of money for the loss. I feel the cities of Ventura County need more cameras to aid in reducing the number of accidents.

There is no loss of right to privacy if no one runs a red light.



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