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Airport Commission to Meet in Van Nuys

January 06, 1999

VAN NUYS — Los Angeles airport commissioners have agreed to face head-on a growing controversy over increased jet noise at Van Nuys Airport.

For the first time in nearly four years, the commission will meet in the San Fernando Valley to hear both anti-noise activists and aviation interests that have long complained that they are being ignored.

The meeting was announced Tuesday by Sandor Winger, chairman of the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council, whose members last summer urged the City Council to appoint a separate airport commission to govern the Valley airport. The commission now oversees Los Angeles International and the city-owned Van Nuys, Ontario and Palmdale airports.

The five-member commission, which ordinarily convenes at LAX, is tentatively scheduled to meet the evening of Jan. 27 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel at Van Nuys Airport.

Announcement of the meeting came one day after release of a city-commissioned study on the economic impact of a proposed rule to curtail the number of older and noisier jets--called Stage 2 aircraft--based at Van Nuys, the busiest general aviation airport in the nation.

The report concluded that the proposed limits would be economically ruinous for the airport, perhaps costing as many as 565 jobs and more than $190 million within three years.

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