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Floyd, Bulls Still Waiting for Answer From Jordan

January 09, 1999| From Associated Press

Tim Floyd has coached hundreds of games, wooed just as many recruits and won over some of the toughest fans. Ask him about Michael Jordan, though, and the man who'll one day coach the NBA's premier team of the '90s turns into Every Fan.

"[I'm] just as anxious as all of you are," the Chicago Bulls' coach-in-waiting said Friday. "And really looking forward to hearing what his intentions are."

Even though the NBA lockout is all but settled, Floyd and the Bulls are in limbo until Jordan announces whether he's coming back or retiring. If Jordan returns, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and the rest of the gang are also more likely to--and challenge for a seventh championship.

If Jordan retires, however, the Bulls will undergo a massive rebuilding effort.

"Obviously, I could see it being a very delightful situation if all of the players come back," Floyd said. "I can see it being a very difficult situation if they're not back, but the same plan will be in place. And that plan will be to try to win a championship at some point, but there may be a process involved if those guys aren't here."

Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf will get in touch with Jordan soon, either personally or through his agent, David Falk, Floyd said.

Meanwhile, Pippen's agent said his client is still interested in staying with the Bulls.

"I think that Chicago, Scottie Pippen will be theirs to lose at this point," Jimmy Sexton told ESPN radio. "Scottie loves Chicago, loves the team and so, if we can work a deal out that works for Scottie, I think he would like to stay there."

Though Pippen is still considered one of the top free agents available, some teams might shy away from him because of the back surgery he had this summer. But Pippen's back is fine, Sexton said.


The lockout won't officially end until the lawyers are finished with the paperwork, which is why the NBA emphasizes that it hopes to open training camps by Jan. 18.

Attorneys for the league and the union worked at putting their interpretations of Wednesday's agreement into writing, and the sides plan to exchange those documents today.


"Baywatch" actress Carmen Electra says she and Dennis Rodman still are married and have no plans to get an annulment.

The couple had considered dissolving their marriage after they exchanged vows at a quick ceremony in Las Vegas on Nov. 14 but then decided to stick together.

"We love each other," she said.

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