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Girl Talk That Kicks Up Dirt

January 14, 1999|SUSAN CARPENTER

Logging on to is like eavesdropping on a gossipy girls' night out. Hosted by four 20-something Vassar grads, this chatty Web site offers first-person film, television and book reviews that are perfect for people with short attention spans.

A single-sentence "word of mouth" review of "Patch Adams" reads: "I didn't laugh at all, which is a shame since, according to Patch Adams, laughter is supposed to be the best medicine."

But don't take Sybil's word for it. Click on a Go! button and write the review yourself. Get it, girl?

The site's fluff section uses pink cotton balls as a backdrop and includes gossip ("Kitty's Litter"), critiques of celebrity hairstyles ("Bad Hair") and an area called "A-Go-Go," where the girls "kick around the hottest celebs."

This month that honor belongs to Cameron Diaz, who is deconstructed by each of the four girls. After complaining that Diaz has a "pinhead" and appears to be at least 80 feet tall, the girls finally admit they are jealous.

One thing's for sure. These girls aren't afraid to show their emotions.

"I must confess to crying bitterly through more than half of 'Stepmom,' " Sybil writes, assigning the film an A-plus.

The only reason to regret visiting is the Duran Duran reference. The site has nothing to do with the song, but you won't be able to get it out of your head.

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