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Club's Liquor License to Be Suspended

January 30, 1999|KATE FOLMAR

Starting Monday, the Metro Nite Club's liquor license will be suspended for 10 days by state Alcohol Beverage Control officials.

The suspension and a two-year probationary period are punishment for the club's pairing of G-string-clad male dancers and cocktails at a ladies night performance Sept. 12, 1997.

State laws forbids some forms of sexual contact in places where alcohol is served.

Two undercover Alcohol Beverage Control officials attended the "Men of Hollywood Strip" performance and snapped photos of dancers engaging 26 women in various forms of sexual contact on 66 occasions.

While none of the patrons complained about the dancers' actions, neighbors and police did, said Ed Macias, Alcohol Control's supervising special investigator for the area.

At a hearing last summer, Alcohol Control officials sought the two-year probationary period, during which the liquor license can be revoked if further violations occur, plus a 30-day suspension. Lawyers for the popular Ventura club asked for leniency, suggesting a $2,500 fine and a five-day suspension.

An administrative law judge decided that the 10-day suspension would suffice.

"If they're busted again within 24 months, the revocation can be imposed with additional penalties," Macias said.

"Looking at fliers and ads in the newspaper, it appears [the club] still offers this type of entertainment. Once the suspension is over, we'll be looking at the licensee again. We don't know when, but we'll be looking."

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