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Road Maintenance

January 31, 1999

* Robert W. Poole Jr. uses "we" seven times in his article, "The Price of Breaking up Gridlock," (Jan. 17).

I do not want to pay another red cent for road maintenance that I am constitutionally guaranteed. So, take the gas tax money out of the general fund and spend it on the roads and highways.

I know of four alternative routes to the 101 / 405 interchange: Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Coldwater Canyon Avenue, Sepulveda Boulevard and Topanga Canyon Boulevard (Highway 27). These heavily traveled roads all need maintenance, some widening. Why not now?

Why not make our lives easier: Mend and pave these roads; paint lines on the freeway lanes and replace the broken Bots dots.

Better yet, stop the city, county and state jurisdiction squabbling over Topanga Canyon Boulevard and repave it in its entirety.

Also, contrary to Poole's assertion, express lanes (and worse, metered entries) are rife-with-abuse annoyances to drivers, not relief.



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