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Women's Sports and Title IX

July 20, 1999

* Re "Listen to the Sound of the Glass Ceiling Shattering," July 14: I think Patricia Schroeder was trying to slip a couple of fast ones by us; fallacies she talks of as facts. The first was when she referenced the "equality" of women's sports. Why do we have a WNBA, Women's World Cup Soccer, LPGA, women's tennis tour and all the rest? It's because they cannot compete with men. Now, I know that women hold female track and field records, but name one world record for running fastest, jumping highest or longest that is held by a woman. Women's sports can be interesting and exciting, but they are not the equal of men's sports.

Next, she called Title IX the "toast of the land." In her dreams. It is just another politically correct idea that has been forced on Americans by a liberal political and judicial system. The reason that the congressional baseball players were horrified that she wanted to play was because they wanted to win.




Isn't it interesting how Schroeder turns an American victory in women's soccer into a triumph of victimized women athletes over the patriarchal, heaving he-devil that is sport.

She says her 8-year-old daughter played on a boys' team because the girls' teams were too tame; then delights in the phone calls she gets from parents informing her of the stigma she puts on the little girls who want to play on girls' teams.

Gee, Ms. Schroeder, if all collegiate women played on men's teams we wouldn't need Title IX. Then, programs like UCLA men's swimming and CSUN baseball might not have been cut in the name of justice.

PS: Brandi Chastain's a fox.


Culver City

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