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These Customers Satisfied? Uh, No

July 25, 1999

* I just finished a letter to Washington Mutual explaining why I was canceling my accounts due to poor customer service. I had been a Coast customer and through a merger when Home Savings took them over, so I expected some minor glitches. For the most part the early ones were minor and easily taken care of.

But after getting a service charge every time I use my ATM at their branch (a former Home Savings), which I need to call and have reversed; using a 17-digit ID to log into their Web site where, if I'm lucky, I get in and see 7-day-old information; getting hidden fees added to my "free" checking (they did detail all the exceptions in a 20-page booklet that hides this information rather than making it clear); having unwanted services added to my accounts and having to request in writing that they be canceled--I have had it.


San Pedro

* Your panegyric to Washington Mutual bank left me wondering if that was the same bank with which I have had the misfortune of dealing since their piratical raid on Great Western Bank.

The Canoga Park branch's concept of customer service is non-existent!

All of the old tellers are gone, and only young untrained ones remain.

I got hit with a $10 service charge every month, even though they hold my mortgage--the original agreement with Great Western held that to be a no-no no matter how low the balance might be. Washington Mutual refuses to honor most of the agreements made between Great Western and its customers.

If you go into the bank to make a mortgage payment without having the mortgage number with you, the tellers often refuse to take your payment and tell you to come back with that number, or to call Washington state and get them to look it up for you (apparently the local branches don't have a cross-reference look-up capability, although even my wife's home computer can do that).

I am now a customer of another bank.


Woodland Hills

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