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Apathy Helps Toll Road Agency

July 25, 1999

* I constantly hear people who have the attitude that we can't do anything about the toll road and it's going to come through as it did in Laguna.

Apathy like this is our biggest enemy. It plays right into the Transportation Corridor Agencies' plan.

As you know, they love to say, "The road's been planned for 20 years! It's even in the Thomas Guide!" So what? The system was intended to be designed and built in stages. If the southernmost part is so crucial, why didn't they build it first instead of saving it until last?

Metrolink wasn't even thought of when these roads were first planned, but it's quite a success now with more trains being added every year.

Does anyone really think TCA wanted the expense of opening an office in San Clemente to convince the residents this road is going to be good for them?

Isn't it possible they did that in response to precisely the kind of pressure that letters to the editor and negative news articles about TCA have caused?

The Foothill Toll Road South is not a "done deal." It has yet to pass the rigorous environmental impact report. There are seven endangered species in the way of this road, and the TCA is basing their financially unsound plans on poor traffic projections.

The only thing TCA has going for them is the apathy of the community.


San Clemente

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