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The Quality of Life Versus Road Work

July 25, 1999

* Re the new plan to extend the Orange Freeway (June 14):

It is very upsetting to hear that the toll-road extension using the Santa Ana River is once again being considered. When the project died in 1989, I thought that for once someone had used good sense in killing the project.

I have lived in Santa Ana and have owned a charming house whose backyard faces the Santa Ana River for over 13 years. During that time we have done remodeling, updating and routine home repairs that go with home ownership. One of our greatest pleasures is our tranquil backyard that we have cared for and nurtured. We entertain family and friends and enjoy our quiet time together after work and on weekends outside on our patio. We grow many things including cactus, fruit trees, grapevines, herbs and vegetables.

We have worked very hard making our own little paradise in the middle of an urban area instead of running away, as many people do, to a nicer and more affluent area, which we could well afford.

Can you even imagine living with an elevated freeway being built in your backyard let alone having a freeway in your backyard?

Not one toll road has been profitable. The usage on them is down due to the high fees charged.

I agree that the surrounding freeways are very congested and that something needs to be done to alleviate the problem that money spent for widening and carpool lanes has not solved. What we need is more public transportation (an increase in bus service, light rail) that is easy, affordable and convenient to use. Toll roads are for the rich only; the everyday working person cannot afford to pay additional money for toll roads.


Santa Ana

* Aren't the Fountain Valley and Santa Ana people who are against the extension of the Orange Freeway because it would affect the quality of life for the residents the same people who voted to put an international airport in my backyard?


Lemon Heights

* I am sure that the people of south Orange County are full of sympathy for the residents of Fountain Valley, Santa Ana and other areas that will be affected by the new toll road.

After all, their "quality of life will diminish and there will be an increase of traffic. . . ." Those words sound very familiar; maybe it was the residents of South County asking Fountain Valley and Santa Ana for help against the El Toro airport. As ye sow, so shall ye reap!


Laguna Woods

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