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Gun Laws

July 26, 1999

Re "Governor Signs Sweeping Ban on Assault Weapons," July 20: If Gov. Gray Davis seriously believes that more restrictive gun laws will help to reduce crime or touch anyone other than law-abiding gun owners, he should ask himself two simple questions:

1. If a criminal plans to commit a crime using a gun, will he think twice about whether or not his weapon of choice is legal to own? I seriously doubt it.

2. Why do you think they call them criminals?

Wake up and smell the tyranny.




Congratulations to state Sen. Don Perata and the California Legislature on the passage of the bill that would ban both semiautomatic weapons and the magazines they use that hold more than 10 bullets.

I have long wondered why the NRA and the anti-gun-control advocates have refused to separate these kinds of firearms, good only for warfare and mass murder, from hunting, sharpshooting and so-called self-protection weapons.

Finally, one small step. Now let's enforce it and work toward similar banishment federally so that no longer can a single, crazed killer mow down multiple victims.


Palm Springs

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