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Grooming Men for Happy Marriages

June 02, 1999|MARTIN MILLER

Pop culture has it that all a man has to do for his wedding is show up in a tux and get his lines right. Yeah, right.

You think it's easy shopping for a diamond ring? You think it's a breeze to stand between your bride-to-be and your future mother-in-law and not get punched in the mouth? You think it's a snap to plan a proper bachelor party?

Finally, there's a Web site to set the record straight at Founded in 1997 by three guys--Howard Brodwin, Michael Lehrman and Ramin Ramhormozi while in Lehrman's West Los Angeles apartment--the site has won great reviews from a number of guy magazines, including Playboy.

"Our goal is to raise society's awareness level to the importance of the man's involvement in marriage," says editor in chief Lehrman, 33. "The bridal publications on the market today focus on weddings, not marriage."

The site features useful information on how to avoid the 4 Cs of a diamond engagement ring: confusion, calculator, cash (or credit card) and catastrophe. There are links to help with planning a bachelor party, how to propose to your intended at a professional sporting event, and helping your best man give a PG-rated toast.

The site, too, has its fair share of humor, which is just this side of "South Park." Like the cartoon series, it's probably best to hide these articles from the future Mrs.:

* What if she grows fat and ugly? . . . And what about all those other beautiful women?

* Do I clean my toilet? . . . It's only time to clean the bathroom if friends prefer the Mobil station on the corner.

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