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WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH / An Essay by Karen Finley.

Brave Voices and Bold Acts

March 17, 1999

She didn't clean up like Lady Bird Johnson with a litterbug or Beautify America program.

And Hillary didn't sublimate her husband's infidelities with furniture or by redecorating the White House and giving a tour for the nation on TV like Jackie Kennedy.

Hillary should continue to add to her moment of influence by apologizing on "Oprah." There is nothing more loving than an apologetic woman. She should first and foremost apologize to the nation for having fat ankles. But she will make it up to us by going on a diet that will never work.

She should apologize for having a good relationship with her daughter.

She should apologize for keeping her own name and liking it.

She should apologize for ranking first in Yale Law School when Bill was only sixth.

And she should apologize for being smarter than Bill because Chelsea knows it.

And Bill knows it.

And we know it.

Karen Finley is a performance artist and one of four artists whose grant applications were turned down several years ago by the National Endowment for the Arts. In January, she moved to Los Angeles and now teaches at the California Institute for the Arts. Her show "Pooh Unplugged" is on display at the Track 16 Gallery, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

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