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New Golf Courses Just Money Traps

March 28, 1999

Re "New Crop of Golf Courses Not Par for the Pocketbook," March 17:

When will the people of Orange County finally read some good news--like a new golf course with a $30 greens fee? Who in the world cares about another cookie-cutter, same old thing, $100 course?

What amazes me are the cities that give approval for such excess. What thought process runs these cities that says, "Let's build something that our kids can't use, that our seniors can't use, and that most of the residents can't use"?

The only people who can afford such luxury are the corporate players who get to deduct it from their taxes and tourists who don't mind paying the big bucks to play before going back to winter's cold reality and an eventual summer of $20 rounds.

However, the citizens of Orange County are stuck with the reality of having to drive by these courses on their way to Riverside to play golf at a reasonable price.

If the cities need the revenue that bad, build a mall. At least we can shop and the kids can hit the food court once in a while.

At the moment these courses aren't having much luck finding enough rich players within Orange County. With more luxurious courses being built, their answer is to market them as a vacation destination.

That's just great. The courses can make money, the cities can make a little tax revenue and the county residents can just sit home and weed the yard.

The city councils that approve this excess should be ashamed. And the snobbish courses, well, I hope they all go broke.


Yorba Linda

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