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Why I'm a . . . *

. . . Rabbit Person


Why a rabbit? Allow me to liberally borrow from the magazine that put bunnies on the map.

Playboy Data Sheet

Name: Snagglepuss Williams

Bust: 12 inches

Waist: 14 inches

Hips: 18 inches

Family background:

Angora/Holland Lop

Weight: 6 pounds

Birth date: Jan. 9, 1997

Birthplace: Mar Vista

Favorite foods: Timothy hay, pellets and various magazines.

If you could, you'd eat: Wires found around the house, such as telephone and lamp wires. But they're all hidden from me.

Most people don't know that your owner: Can rewire a lamp inside of five minutes.

How are you with children?: I like everyone. I'm a people rabbit, but I find very young children who are just discovering the joys of poking with their fingers are bad news. They seem to be drawn to my eyes and mouth. I should tell you that I have teeth and if you get in my face, I'll use them. OK, I only have four teeth, but I'll use them if threatened. Otherwise, I'm just a furry little delight to be around.

Most people are surprised to hear that you: Don't care for lettuce or carrots. We rabbits have delicate tummies and don't take to abrupt changes in our diets, so I'm a pretty boring dinner partner. Got a taste of a banana once and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Who makes those things?

What's a typical day like for you?: A hit man wouldn't have a hard time tracking me down. I'm a real critter of habit: Go to sleep around 9 under the bed; get up around midnight and hit the cage; wake up at 4 a.m. and lick the face of the sleeping lump on the bed, which, I should note, I usually hop across after my midnight snack; once the lump is awake, we play until about 6--she picks me up and sings to me (I love to be sung to) or she rubs my ears (I love that even more); rest time; cage time; go in for my nap at around 8:30 a.m.; wake up anywhere between 4:30 p.m and 6; cage time; hang out until bedtime.

What should we know about rabbits?: We're not all the same. We have very different personalities. Some are nice, some aren't. I'm a very nice one. Love being held, love KZLA (the radio stays on all day), and I really dig this chair in our house that rocks back and forth. I can sit there for hours.

What makes you feel guilty?: Shedding. Happens about four times a year, and the place is buried in fur. Being part Angora, I'm a little furrier than most, and being part Angora, I have no clue how to operate a vacuum. This I feel guilty about.

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