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Crisis in Yugoslavia

War Wrap-Up

May 03, 1999

A roundup of events as NATO airstrikes continue in Yugoslavia:

* Belgrade: NATO loses plane, its second in 24 hours. Pilot is saved.

* Moscow: Balkans envoy Viktor S. Chernomyrdin leaves for Clinton meeting.

* Macedonia: Refugees say Serbian militiamen killed at least 32 in Slovinje.

* Belgrade: Attack on power plant plunges much of Serbia into darkness.

Fact Sheet: Kosovo refugees due to arrive in New Jersey this week: 400

Kosovo refugees in Macedonia: 185,000

* Zagreb, Croatia: Headed home, ex-POWs Christopher J. Stone, Steven Gonzales and Andrew Ramirez, in Croatia, above, with Jesse Jackson en route to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Flight Forecast

Rain in Belgrade today, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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