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Pills Designed for Modern Ills

May 04, 1999

Question from April 27:

Innovative Concepts produces a variety of candy placebos to cure personal problems, including Bad Hair Day Pills. What other fake medicines do you suggest it produce?

Road Rage Control Pills. Take two before a commute, turn on the radio and let every driver on the freeway cut in front of you--cheerfully!

--SHARON KARP, Los Angeles

Gettitol Tablets for folks who want more health, wealth and hair.


Redondo Beach

I would like to see Dennis Rodman take some "get a clue" pill. Also, Pauly Shore should try that.


Chino Hills

Innovative Concepts should make little pink candies shaped like brains so teachers can give them to students who are using their brains . . . or give to students who need to have a brain!

--JOANN ADAMS, San Pedro

There should be a pill simply called Placebo. It's a cure-all, of course!

--JOSEPH D'AMORE, Hollywood

Question for May 4:

The Los Angeles Fire Department recently equipped some of its trucks with a firefighting compound that is also found in disposable diapers (see story, this page). Aside from clothing baby bottoms, what uses do you suggest for disposable diapers?

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