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Man Bytes News at Interactive Site

May 05, 1999|RENEE TAWA

Let's get this straight, so we're not misquoted: We talk to the TV only when necessary.

Say "Ally McBeal" is on, and the news breaks in with a car chase. Then we yell at the TV, the way we do at editors who make news decisions for this very newspaper.

But we know the truth: News coverage ain't easy.

Your chance to get in on the action comes in the form of the Newseum's NewsCapade with Al Neuharth, the world's only interactive museum of news. The free traveling exhibit will be open from noon to 5 p.m., beginning today and continuing through Saturday at the Los Angeles Zoo.

In the interactive area, visitors can use touch-screen computers to act as newspaper editors in selecting front-page stories. Visitors also can act as TV reporters and read the news in front of a camera. Kids can play "Get the Scoop," an interactive computer game about how newspapers are produced and delivered. Other exhibits include an "Interview a Journalist" interactive kiosk and historic newspaper front pages.

The exhibit is funded by Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan foundation promoting a free press. For information: (877) NEWSEUM. The Newseum's Web site is

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