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It's Not All Top-Flight at the Attic in Long Beach


For many who stood in line on a recent Saturday night, it took as much as an hour to get into the Attic, one of the newest dance parties in Long Beach.

Housed inside the Naga Southeast Asian Restaurant, the Attic promises two rooms, affordable drinks, a smokers patio, a social lounge and a strictly enforced dress code.

Too bad it doesn't deliver.

Only one room was available, thanks to a member of the security crew who made sure the other was blocked off with four chairs. The so-called social lounge, just off the hallway, was nonexistent for most of the night, until a few patrons, apparently wiped out from dancing, relaxed at the odd table and chairs.

In fact, many club-goers were anything but social at this nightspot. Although the multicultural mix of ladies and gents moved and grooved to the music, the place seemed more like a high school dance than an 18-and-over nightclub. Not many women were seen dancing or chatting with the guys and vice-versa. In other words, they didn't want to know your name.

The smokers patio is no more than a slab of cement with railing to keep you from falling into the ocean. This outdoor area lacks the tables and chairs that club patios usually have, though you do get a fabulous view of downtown Long Beach.

The promoters did come through on $2 Coronas, which sell at that price until midnight. Domestic brews go for $2, and cocktails are $4 all night. Lots of partyers took advantage of this and later couldn't find their way out of the bar area.

The music is as excellent as the sound system that plays it. You can actually hear the lyrics to the songs, which range from rock en espanol and alternative flashbacks to hip-hop and house.

The Attic is a joint venture of Leo Boss of Fox, the Havoc Family, Generation X and the Cartel. Naga has given space for the Attic since the club's new year's bash. Before that, the club had a yearlong stint at the Daily Planet in South Gate. Jose Chavez of Generation X said the club draws anywhere from 600 to 700 people every Saturday.

One other problem: The short path to the main room is cordoned off, so you have to walk through a dark tunnel--they call it a hallway--that isn't sufficiently lighted.

Still, this is a good place to take along a few friends and enjoy the bargain drink prices.


The Attic at Naga's, 600 W. Queensway Drive, Long Beach. (562) 804-5517 and (310) 521-6481. Doors open at 9 p.m. and close at 2 a.m. Saturdays. $10 cover charge, 18 and older.

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