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American Military Vehicles, McDonald's Attacked in Italy

May 06, 1999| From Reuters

ROME — A gasoline bomb was thrown at a McDonald's restaurant here early Wednesday, and two U.S. military vehicles were set ablaze outside an air base in what police suspect were protests against NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia.

A Molotov cocktail was thrown outside the McDonald's in a residential area of the capital. The incident came after three similar attacks on outlets of the same U.S. chain since the start of the bombing campaign in March, Italian news agency ANSA reported.

Two vehicles belonging to U.S. service personnel were set on fire outside the Vicenza air base in northern Italy, the agency added.

No one was reported injured in the attacks.

In a separate incident, a firebomb was left outside a Rome office of the Democratic Left, the main party in the Italian government. The bomb, however, was extinguished before it could explode.

Last month, another of the party's offices was attacked by arsonists, and a group calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Group claimed responsibility for the "protest against the imperialist war."

Three branches of the U.S. Blockbuster video chain were also attacked last month with stones and firebombs.

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