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Arguing Against Film Violence

May 08, 1999

Bravo to Sean Mitchell for his commentary on Hollywood on-screen violence ("Hollywood: Ground Zero," May 1).. Violence and sex sells. Movie people make a lot of money. They don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.

There are many factors that affect violent behavior. But if movies that promote gratuitous violence are even a fraction of the cause of real-life violence, then movie people should examine what they promote and make money from.

I wondered what Leonardo DiCaprio thought of his violence-inspiring performance in "The Basketball Diaries"? Would he comment on the effect this film has on some people? Of course, he won't. His publicists and advisors will tell him to keep silent.

I went to see "Shakespeare in Love" a few weeks ago. Of the previews shown with it, one was about child pornography and snuff movies. Another was about Civil War-era soldiers who engaged in cannibalism. If Nicolas Cage's performance in "8MM" inspired someone to abuse a child, would he still be proud of his participation in such a sick movie?

People who promote violence in media need to look at their products carefully. Teenagers are very impressionable, especially those who don't have much love, nurturing and positive role models in their lives.

Wake up, Hollywood! We all need to try to make this world a better place.


San Clemente

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