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'Beetlemania' Book Is a Road Map of Bug's Life

May 09, 1999|SUE CARPENTER

According to "Beetlemania: The Story of the Car that Captured the Hearts of Millions" (Smithmark, 1999), Volkswagen's Beetle is second only to a Coca-Cola bottle in recognition. How much do you know about this on-road icon? Take this quiz and find out:

1. Number of Beetles sold since its introduction in 1937.

2. Largest number of people to squeeze inside at one time.

3. Its nickname in Japan, France, Norway and the Philippines.

4. Movies in which the Beetle has starred or had a cameo.

5. City that, in 1969, used only Beetles for its police fleet.

6. Year Volkswagen stopped making the original Beetle.

7. Pleasant surprises in the new Beetle.

8. Celebrities who own the reincarnated Beetle.

Answers: 1. More than 20 million; 2. 103 (and the driver was still able to move the car 15 feet!); 3. Kabuto-mushi, Coccinelle, Bobla and Pagong;4. "The Love Bug," "Annie Hall" and "Forrest Gump"; 5. Mamaroneck, N.Y.; 6. 1978; 7. A heater / air conditioner that actually works; 8. Cindy Crawford, Jerry Seinfeld and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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