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May 10, 1999|LARRY STEWART

What: "A Treasury of Sports Quotes & Wisdom"

Editor: Milt Rosen

Price: $9.75

The idea for this 288-page book came while Milt Rosen of Northridge was having lunch with Great Western Forum publicist Bob Steiner. The topic was golf, or more specifically, golf quotes. Soon sports quotes of all kinds were brought up by the two men, who for years made it a hobby to collect them. Rosen suggested the two compile a book. Steiner agreed to a mild partnership, but later had to beg off because of his workload at the Forum.

Rosen proceeded, and the result is a compilation of sports quotes of all kinds--humorous, provocative, insightful, philosophical. . . . Some are familiar, such as this one from Lyndon Johnson: "The trouble with Ford is that he played too many years without a helmet." Or this one from Charles Barkley: "I'm not paid to be a role model, I'm paid to wreak havoc on the court."

But most of the quotes you probably haven't heard.

One problem, however, is that Rosen seems to have compiled the quotes with no rhyme or reason. They aren't grouped in any kind of order, although there are 12 chapters. Another problem is some of the quotes, out of context, need more explaining. But the book is a good read.

From Humble Howard Cosell: "I think I've made a difference in my phase of the broadcast industry, but I don't think I've impacted the world in the manner of Franklin D. Roosevelt."

From Reggie Jackson: "I don't want to be a hero. I don't want to be a star. It just works out that way."

From Sam Snead: "In golf, when we hit a foul ball we gotta go out and play it."

To order the book, or get a sample chapter, call 818-886-0524 or e-mail Rosen at

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