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Los Angeles Times Moderators

May 11, 1999

Los Angeles Times

Times Mirror Square

Los Angeles, CA 90053

James Flanigan

Introducing and fielding questions for featured speaker Andrew S. Grove

James Flanigan is senior economics editor and business columnist for The Times. He has covered national and international business and economics for 35 years.

His column, which appears Sundays and Wednesdays, also is syndicated to such newspapers as the Houston Chronicle and the Kansas City Star and to newspapers in South Korea, Japan and other countries.

Daniel Gaines

Moderating "Strategies for Income-Oriented Investors," "Retirement Finances--For Those Already There" and "Retirement Plan Issues for Public Employees," and introducing "The Motley Fool"

Daniel Gaines is markets editor for The Times' Business section and is responsible for the Wall Street, California section. He previously was a copy editor for the newspaper.

Gaines joined The Times in 1993 after working as an instructor at Cal State Fullerton.

Walter Hamilton

Moderating "Trading Stocks: Technical Analysis and Other Tools" and "Options Strategies: Using Puts and Calls"

Walter Hamilton is a financial writer for The Times' Business section, focusing on the stock market.

Prior to joining The Times in 1997, Hamilton was first a stock market writer and then Wall Street editor for Investor's Business Daily in Los Angeles.

Kathy M. Kristof

Moderating "Financing a Child's Education" and "Women's Investment Issues"

Kathy M. Kristof is The Times' personal finance columnist and is syndicated to newspapers nationally.

She is the author of "Kathy Kristof's Complete Book of Dollars and Sense."

Liz Pulliam

Moderating "Your Parents' Finances: Questions to Ask, Answers to Get" and "Tax Planning: How to Lessen the Bite"

Liz Pulliam is a personal finance writer and columnist for The Times.

Before joining the newspaper last year, she was a personal finance writer for the Orange County Register.

Pulliam completed the UC Irvine certified financial planner's program in 1997.

Paul J. Lim

Moderating "Maximizing 401(k) and IRA Plans" and "Picking Mutual Funds: Fundamentals, Parts I and II"

Paul J. Lim is a personal finance writer for The Times, focusing on the mutual fund industry and 401(k) marketplace.

Prior to joining the newspaper in 1998, he was at Money magazine in New York, where he wrote about stocks, mutual funds and retirement-related issues.

Thomas S. Mulligan

Moderating "Evaluating an Investment Advisor" and fielding questions for featured speakers Arthur Levitt, Sue Herera and Maria Bartiromo

Thomas S. Mulligan is a senior writer for The Times in New York.

Prior to joining the newspaper in 1990, he was a business editor for the Providence (R.I.) Journal.

Tom Petruno

Introducing and fielding questions for "Los Angeles Times Personal Finance Super-Panel"

Tom Petruno is senior markets editor for The Times and the newspaper's markets columnist.

He also heads the committee responsible for the conference panels.

Petruno joined The Times in 1990 from USA Today, where he directed the newspaper's markets coverage.

Bill Sing

Introducing "The Motley Fool" and "Money Make-Over: Debt Management and Budgeting"

Bill Sing is the editor of The Times' Business section.

Prior to being named to that position in 1996, he served five years as deputy business editor.

He joined The Times in 1979 as a staff writer.

Vicki O. Torres

Moderating "Investing Issues for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs"

Vicki O. Torres is small-business columnist for The Times and a principal planner of its annual Small Business Strategies Conference.

She previously was a reporter in the newspaper's Metro section.

Debora Vrana

Moderating "IPO Investing"

Debora Vrana covers investment banking issues for The Times.

She joined the newspaper as a staff writer in 1994 after covering the securities industry for the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Edmund Sanders

Fielding questions for featured speaker Arthur Levitt

Edmund Sanders covers financial services and fraud for The Times.

Before joining the newspaper this year, he was a personal finance writer for the Orange County Register.

Russ Wiles

Moderating "Evaluating Your Mutual Fund Portfolio"

Russ Wiles is a regular contributor to The Times and a financial writer and columnist at the Arizona Republic.

Previously he was editor of Personal Investor magazine and a reporter and copy editor at Investor's Business Daily.

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