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Medical Supplies Sent for Kosovo Refugees

May 11, 1999|CHRIS G. DENINA

THOUSAND OAKS — Los Robles Regional Medical Center sent about $4,000 worth of supplies to be used by relief workers who are helping the Kosovo refugees.

The supplies were sent to the Hospital Council of Southern California, an association of area hospitals based in Los Angeles. The group will then forward the medical supplies to a larger relief effort in Yugoslavia.

"We sent some medications. We sent pain relievers, antibiotics, heart medications, and creams and ointments," said Rich Carvotta, director of pharmacy at Los Robles.

Hospital staff members also boxed up bulk quantities of respiratory drugs such as asthma inhalers and antibiotics, chewable medicines for children, and disposable items such as gloves, sponges and bandages.

"We felt like we were doing such a good thing. It gave us a really good feeling while we were packing up the supplies," Carvotta said.

The items were bound for Operation U.S.A., a Los Angeles-based international relief agency, which is preparing a shipment headed for Kosovo.

Hospital spokeswoman Kris Carraway-Bowman said she hopes the shipment of medical supplies will inspire other companies to send what they can to help the refugees.

"These people are just out in these camps without any type of medication," Carraway-Bowman said. "They desperately need it."

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